2015. május 27., szerda

The Coolest Blogs & People Who Inspire Me

2015. május 27., szerda
I always loved fashion blogs, but lately I am obsessed with them and read them hourly! I think it's time to show and describe them in my blog, maybe it could be a teaser for you if you're as addicted to blogs as I am. (But I don't think they would need more visitors then how many they have, I am the one who needs more visitors, so please!) I am so happy about sharing these sites with you.
Az utóbbi időben egyre több divatblogot látogatok, most éppen itt az ideje, hogy a bemutassam a kedvenceimet. Vannak köztük olyanok, akiket már többször is megemlítettem itt. Remélem, hogy hasznos forrás leszek számotokra, és ti is vettek egy pillantást ezekre a blogokra. :)

Audrey Rogers is a young full-time blogger who started Frassy a few years ago. I could exactly describe her style with the worlds fresh & sassy, totally like her. By now, the name Frassy represents a whole brand beside the blog. In the days, she was in Sicily for photoshooting and collaborating with Stradivarius, than in Rome for a trip. She's my favourite blogger right now.

Tiphaine is a considerable street style blogger, with a lot of sunglasses and lovely shoes. She travels a lot, and loves mixing designer clothes with fast fashion clothes. The layout of her blog and all the pictures are so professionable, and the girl has the coolest and most fashionable hairstyle and hair colour I've ever seen.

Veronika is a Hungarian young woman who lives in London and works as a stylist. She has a lot of clothes and sunglasses, too; and she's always aware of the new trends and the best ways of being fashionable. I'm so lucky to found her blog!

I was visiting Emma's site since when she started blogging. I always loved the things she posted, and by now, she gets clothes from the biggest webshops and has an amazing and original style. I believe that she'll be as successful as she would like to be! :)

That's all for now from bloggers, but as I'm obsessed with not only fashion but art, I would like to surprise you with some artists who inspire me. They're my idols for me as a young amateur artist, that's why I would like to share these awesome people with you guys.
Mára ennyi a bloggerekről, de mivel nem csak a divat, hanem a művészetek megszállottja is vagyok, szeretnék mutatni néhányat azok közül, akik engem inspirálnak.

1. Blair Breitenstein
Also known as Blonde Lasagna. I don't know how her style is called, but it's perfect! She works with oil I think and sometimes with felt pen. Her works are buyable on Etsy, but you also can follow her on Instagram, Tumblr and on her site.

                                                                      2. Megan Hess
Megan is a professional fashion illustrator who works for Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Tiffany & Co. and a lot of other luxusbrands. She works with a Montblanc pen which is useful for her drawings. She makes inspiring things everyday, that's why I love her Instagram profile and website.

I hope you loved my post, thanks for stopping by! (P.S. Did you notice that I changed the whole look of my blog? I think it's much more cooler now, please tell me your opinion!)
xx, Flora

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  1. Great post!


  2. I love following other blogers and I didn't know these yet. thank you!

    x Karen

  3. Szia Flora, koszonom a szep szavakat <3

    1. én köszönöm hogy reagáltál :) ♥ xx

  4. Wow! I visited some blogs and they are real pro in blogging <3

    Looking forward to see more of your posts. Do you have an instagram account? Maybe we could follow each other. Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog or sending me a request. I'll follow back :) Thanks!

    IG: @shairangelique

    Have a nice day!


    1. thank you very much for your cute comment dear, I started following you (I am really curious about your profile, because I love your blog) and I left a comment for you! xx

  5. Very nice! follow me on gfc and i follow you back. Kiss

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