2014. december 30., kedd

Welcome To La Papillon Noire

2014. december 30., kedd
My name is Flora, I'm the blogger of La Papillon Noire.
I'm a 13 year old traveler, student, life lover, amateur artist, shoeaholic from Hungary, who is also a fashionista. My wardrobe and my BFF keeps me alive, I'm crazy about old movies, my biggest idol is Blair Waldorf, and I'm a full-time dreamer. My main goal is to move to Paris and work as a fashion designer. I started drawing and designing clothes when I was 4, since then I didn't stop!
xx, Flora

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  1. you look very beautiful sweety ;)
    Happy new yearrrrr! ;)
    CHECK IT OUT MY LAST POST HERE: http://honeyandcotton.org/happy-new-year-2015/

    1. thank you very much!
      happy new year :) xx

  2. Love your jacket and how fun is your shirt!! :) xo~ Lena


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